Betamax Still Under The Spotlights

The Competition Commission Mauritius announced yesterday that it will investigates a suspected abuse of a monopoly situation by the Bhunjun Group and Betamax, just a few months after the state-owned entity STC has been sentenced by the Privy Council to pay of over 115 million US Dollars to Betamax.

If the investigation remains focus exclusively on a potential abuse of monopoly, definition which will be retained for the relevant market will be key and, in the current stand of Mauritian competition law, the Bhunjun Group and Betamax do not incur any financial penalty but only remedies to mitigate the adverse or detrimental effects on competition that the Commission has identified.

For more information, click here: Media Release from the Competition Commission Mauritius 07.09.21

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PLCJ Team – 8th September 2021

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