Labour Law

PLCJ provides you legal support in the drafting, negotiation and termination of employment contracts in France and in Mauritius, and broadly answers all your questions in relation to labor law.

Experience :

  • Drafting of employment contracts for individuals employed by Mauritian entities;
  • Procedures before the Ministry of Labor and the Equal Opportunity Commission in relation to a dismissal for serious misconduct;
  • Drafting of an employment contract for the executive of a company operating in France and Mauritius and analysis of the most suitable law in relation to this contract;
  • Legal support provided to a Mauritian hotel group with regards to the rules and legal changes applicable to their relations with their employees;
  • Legal support provided to the executive of a company in relation to the negotiated departure of one of its employees;
  • Analysis of the conditions of wage portage between several regional countries.
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