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PLCJ accompanied Inside Capital Partners in the creation of a regional leader on building materials

Inside Capital Partners, a Mauritian Private Equity Fund initiated the merger of KALUSHI CLAY BRICKS LTD (“KCB” the largest, most sophisticated manufacturer of clay products in Zambia) and BETA HOLDINGS (Zimbabwe’s largest brick and concrete roof tile supplier). A new company was incorporated to receive shares based on a the share exchange ratio, creating thus the largest building materials operator in a number of Southern African Countries. This new leader has a turnover of USD 20 million and is named Beta International.

This deal involved several jurisdictions: Mauritius, Zambia and Zimbabwe and a merger notification was made in Zambia.  

PLCJ team assisted Inside Capital Partners on all legal aspects of this deal.

Press article -Le Mauricien (06.10.2020) - "Inside Capital donne naissance à un leader régional"

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